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Come Board and Ride with Us!

Boarding: Courses

Stall Board

Self Care $300 or Full Care $400

Self Care :

   Owner provides grain and shavings. Stalls must be mucked once daily. Owners may turn horse out in pasture. Owner provides hay. 

Full Care:

   Owner provides grain. Barn handles grain 1-2 times per day (based on horses individual needs) daily mucking, turn out, hay and shavings. 

Shed Row Board

Self Care $275 or Full Care $375

Self Care:

   Owner provides grain. Runs must be mucked daily. Barn maintains automatic waters. Owner Provides hay. 

Full Care:

   Owner provide grain. Barn handles daily mucking, feeding, hay and maintains automatic waterers. 


Pasture Board

Self care $275  Full Care $325

Self Care:

   Owner provides grain. There are designated areas for graining pasture horses so they are not pushed off their food in the paddock. Owners may grain horse in one of these and turn horse back out once it finishes grain. Owner contributes to winter hay round bales during months brome/prairie grass is not available (cost is calculated by dividing current cost of hay by number of horses in pasture). Automatic waterers available and maintained by barn. 

Full Care:

   Owner provides grain. Barn will bring horses up once or twice daily based on individual needs and grain. Barn provides hay during month brome/prairie grass is not available. Automatic waterers available and maintained by barn.

Boarding Overview

Quality Horse Care on Private Property

  • All levels of care owners provide their own grain and any supplements. 

  • Spirit Riding offers brome hay and prairie hay on site. Owners choosing self care options for stall and shed row are welcome to purchase hay from Spirit Riding or bring in their own hay of choice. Your hay will be stored separately.

  • Our large pasture offers brome grass and large pond. There is shelter and an automatic waterer. 

  • All stalls and runs are mucked daily. Paddock areas are mucked 3-4 times per week. 



Riding and More

Spirit Riding has a large outdoor arena as well as a decent size indoor arena for riding in all weather. 

We also offer an obstacle arena that offers fun challenges and we continually add new obstacles to. 

We will be getting Wi-Fi for our clients. Tack room available for storing your tack and trailer parking. 

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